Documentation through the use of Video & Photographic evidence integrated into a professionally prepared and presented report, provides the leverage needed to obtain a proper outcome in a wide variety of situations.

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Litigation Support

Discover-Pro Investigations is experienced inĀ location and identification of witnesses in addition to being professionally trained in the same interview and interrogation skills as law enforcement. Don't allow the facts to only illustrate one side of the case.


Domestic Investigations

Family Law and Infidelity Surveillance Investigations require the investigator to have investigative knowledge of what evidence you need in addition to have demonstrated that they have the skills and ability to get that evidence. Having the right licensed investigator in your corner could be the deciding factor in your case or situation.


Personal service tailored to your needs

Discover-Pro Investigations prides itself on being the most personal, hands-on private detective company available.

  • Hourly and Flat Rate services
  • Professional Investigation Reports including photographs
  • Video Documentation of events
  • NC Licensed Private Investigator
  • Reasonable Rates
  • Cost Effective Investigations

Discover-Pro Investigations

Our success is measured by the respect we have earned in the legal community, by attorneys, private companies and individuals, because of our abilitiesĀ and accomplishments in providing professional and confidential services to our clients.


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Let Discover-Pro Investigations provide you with the results you need, professionally and discreetly, to make an informed decision.